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Welcome to my blog and my site about me as an actor-wienie. It’s not a site devoted to my work as a military advisor or my company, Warriors, Inc. If you’re interested in that part of my career, I invite you to take a look at It’s not a site about the books I’ve written, either. You can find those at

My very first line on a movie set, and the line that got me membership in the Screen Actors Guild, was the very profound “Clear the back-blast area!” on the film Invaders from Mars. The role that got me noticed, however, was my next acting indulgence as Captain Harris in Platoon. Lovely f***ing war.

I didn’t set out to be an actor. My goal in coming to Hollywood was to change the way war movies were made, and so technical advising was my planned route to get that agenda moving. As I would take actors into the field, however, and train them to be believable military men and women on screen, directors started to notice that I was already doing what I was training them to do…so why not cut out the middle-man and just give one of the roles to me? I gave it a shot and found that I loved it.

Acting will always be just one of the variety of careers I’m working on at any given time. It’s fun, it’s important, and it helps pay the bills. Acting – at least in the roles I most often play – also generally supports my initial purpose for getting into showbiz in the first place. When I play a military character, I’m able to portray what a real military man is like and dispel some of the false impressions and cliches that have been foisted off on audiences for years.

As you browse through these pages, you’ll see that I’ve mostly been typecast. I’m Officer Exposition. Men, we have a tough mission ahead of us. Here’s a map that I’m going to point to while explaining the jeopardy. I’ll see you in Act III. I don’t mind taking on these roles; it’s challenging to have to translate a military mission in an entertaining and believable way so that civilian audiences will understand what’s going to happen over the next two hours.

Sometimes, however, I get to do something different, and that’s always fun. Whether it’s dancing with Holly Hunter as Don the Fire Boss in Always, training chimpanzees to be airline pilots on The Loop, or playing Tom Cruise’s dad in Knight and Day, I enjoy taking off the uniform once in a while, especially when I get a chance to do some comedy.