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The 2000 Yard Stare

Some sage said that one picture is worth a thousand words. There’s some dispute about who said it first, but I’ve got no doubt that whoever it was hit the proverbial nail right on the head. In fact, in my case one picture — like the one reproduced here — can prompt at least a thousand words. I’ll try … Continue reading »

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We Were Winning When He Left

There’s a VA facility near my home and I pass by it about three times each week on the long runs I use to keep my body from stagnating as I grow older and achier. Seeing our American flag waving from a tall pole near the entrance to the veterans’ complex always puts a little … Continue reading »

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Operation Starlite: The Little Things Count in the Big Picture

One of my absolutely favorite military stories involves a simple, low-level admin screw-up half a century ago that had major historical consequences. It was August 1965, and out in the Western Pacific, American Navy and Marine forces were planning an amphibious assault on Viet Cong forces threatening the airbase under construction at Chu Lai in … Continue reading »

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On the 40th Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon

Most of us who competed in the Greater Southeast Asia War Games during the 1960s and 70s are filling emotional sandbags and bunkering up for the flood of painful images that come roaring down on us every year at the end of April. This year will likely be a regular frog-strangler as it marks the … Continue reading »

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Tet – 1968

As much as it pivots on politics, strategy and tactics, much of military history is keyed to specific dates. America’s wars – long, short or somewhere in between – are linked to the calendar. There’s the Day of Infamy Dec. 7, 1941 when Japanese forces attacked U.S. Naval facilities at Pearl Harbor vaulting America into World War II. … Continue reading »

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Veterans Mis-Administration

So here’s how you fix the problems with the VA health care system. Fire everyone responsible for administering it. There it is—and bring me the next case which I will solve with equally level-headed aplomb. Yeah, I realize getting rid of a problem or its causes is only a 50-percent solution. To really solve a … Continue reading »

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For Those In Peril On The Sea

As a Marine who has spent more than a little time on U.S. warships, I have an abiding respect; a grudging affection for my brothers and sisters in our Navy. I’ve seen first-hand the capability and utility of our sailors in shore establishments, Naval Aviation, surface combatants, submarines and those reviled—especially by Marines—haze-grey hotels of … Continue reading »

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Budget Cuts and Character

To hear the Pentagon pundits tell it, Chicken Little was right.  The sky is falling.  Only in the current version of the fairy tale, it’s not raindrops heralding doom and gloom; it’s the evil, crushing effect of draconian budget cuts.  Every time I see one brass-hat or another crying the fiscal poor-ass on Capitol Hill … Continue reading »

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Beirut—30 Years Later

“Left a hundred…drop fifty.” The Gunny gnawed off another chunk of his Mars Bar and squinted up at the Chouf settlements in the Anti-Lebanon Mountains where Druze gunners were launching rockets into our compound at Beirut International Airport. “If they’ve got an FO up there he needs a block of military instruction—or glasses.” I moved … Continue reading »

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Sexual Assault in the Military

It seems the knuckle-dragging Neanderthal males in American uniform are a bunch of rapists, sexual perverts, and misogynistic tail-chasers obsessed with making military life a living hell for females in the ranks. Don’t take my word for it. Just read any number of the studies, screeds, and stormy statements coming out of Capitol Hill these … Continue reading »

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