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Memorial Day 2013

Like a lot of other Americans these days, I’m spending too much time pissed off about way too many things in this great nation of ours. I’m not perceptive enough to fully understand how we got ourselves into such a mess, but I do know it’s gotten me to thinking about Memorial Day this year. … Continue reading »

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Corporal Jonathan Winters USMC

Ask military veterans about their most vivid memories and you’ll likely hear about boot camp bewilderment, good (or bad) times at some overseas post, or maybe a story from one battlefield or another. I’ve got all those stories tall and small—some even true—from my own couple of decades in uniform but one I most love … Continue reading »

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Distinguished Warfare

This just in!  For immediate release from the Obvious Desk over in a dark corner of my National News Center:  Outgoing Pentagon Chief Leon Panetta is making major moves to have himself remembered as Secretary of Defense with the worst track record since former shoe-clerk Robert McNamara and his corporate Whiz Kids substituted systems analysis … Continue reading »

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Social Experiments

A friend of mine in Texas wrote recently to let me know my silence on what’s happening in our modern military is deafening.  My pal happens to be a female Marine, so she was urging me to share some of my thoughts on the recent broad-brush edict by outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta which directs … Continue reading »

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A Very Special Guest

It’s nearing that time of year when I’m wanted at various venues around the country to make speeches or simply show up and glad hand as a relatively high-profile veteran. There are more invitations to speak at Marine Corps Birthday celebrations, Veterans’ Day commemorations and other patriotic events than I can accept, at least until … Continue reading »

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