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Mission: Impossible

Frank Barnes

Tom Cruise ignites the screen as Ethan Hunt, leader of a crack espionage team, in this Byzantine thrill ride. When a perilous operation goes awry, Hunt soon finds himself a fugitive: A mole has penetrated the CIA, and Hunt is the No. 1 suspect. His lone chance to clear his name: Ferret out the real double agent and even the score. Hunt’s scheme takes him on a twisted series of double crosses, all leading to a breathtaking Hitchcockian climax.

Probably as a result of my previous relationship with star Tom Cruise, I was cast as IMF Agent Frank Barnes in this film based on the highly popular 1960s TV series. There wasn’t a lot to do. Director Brian DiPalma cut my one big dialogue scene prior to shooting, but I did get to play a number of different roles in some unique (for me) costumes. My character is assigned to assume disguises and keep an eye on Tom’’s character as he runs across Europe with some rogue IM agent pals. Finding me in some of these scenes is a lot like playing Where’s Waldo with your kids, but I’m there. Look for a portly bearded guy wearing a flat cap and glasses in the restaurant scene. That fat suit sure changes your appearance.

We shot in both London and Prague, Czech Republic and I had a lot of spare time to explore. With the assistance of a Czech actor friend, I even got to visit U Kalicha, the bar made famous in Jaroslav Hasek’s wonderful novel “The Good Soldier Schweik.”

Interestingly, I was not invited back to perform in either of the two “Mission Impossible” sequels. Seems to me I didn’t have enough to do to do it badly.

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