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The Conquerors


Historical Television series looks at famous leaders, such as Cortez, Andrew Jackson and others, and shows how they rose to prominence and vanquished enemies in the field.

My long-pursued passion for military history finally paid off when I got a call in 2005 to host a TV series that featured insights into the lives and times of important world-beaters.  The show was pitched as “The Conquerors” and I was the host doing both voice-over narrative and on-camera appearances while I coached actors recreating pivotal scenes of world history.  The series was relatively low-budget and cramped for screen time to tell complicated stories about people such as Napoleon, Cortez, Fremont, Alexander and a long list of others. Naturally, there was a strong reliance on computer-generated imagery which we experimented with freely.  The show was fun despite the drawbacks and I was allowed to insert or inject my own observations from actual combat experience.  It was both rewarding and educational for me, but the cable channels didn’t think they had the numbers after the first season of 12 episodes and pulled the plug.  It’s still out there selling as boxed sets and I’m always surprised at the number of fans who remember it and plead with me to get it back on the air.  I’ve got no control over that but I’d be glad if one of the cable channels decided to bring it back someday.

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