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44 Minutes

SWAT Lieutenant

Based on a real event that took place in February 28th 1997 when two heavily armed men wearing body armor decided to rob the Bank of America in North Hollywood. Something goes wrong in the robbery attempt and the result is the most violent shootout in modern American police history. The two heavily armed men held the Los Angeles Police Dept., SWAT teams and other services at bay for 44 minutes in 1997.

As usual in this made-for-TV treatment of the infamous shoot-out between bank robbers and LAPD in North Hollywood, I play a senior cop. In this case, I did my usual job of setting up the jeopardy and threatening the lead character. Since I have a lot of friends and fans in the LAPD, it was nice to shoot down at the Los Angeles Police Academy where I spent a lot of off-camera time with hard-working cops and Academy instructors. It was also a pleasure to re-unite on screen with Ron Livingston, a Warriors Inc. training veteran who played Capt. Nixon in “Band of Brothers.”

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