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Air America

Captain Gage

Episode: “The Court-Martial of Rio Arnett” (episode # 1.17) 27 February 1999

As a result of some success with a feature film about the aircrews of “Air America,” the CIA’s private airline in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War years, a TV series by the same name was cobbled together in 1998 for broadcast on cable TV. There were only five episodes and I was in two of them as Captain Gage, a hard-bitten CIA operative and veteran Air America pilot. My standard task during these guest-starring appearances was to brief young, hotshot pilots on some dangerous mission, sweat it out while they were flying and then chew them out for some unconventional maneuver that always saved the day. Certainly no great acting challenge, but it did help me get a feel for the differences between film and TV acting.

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