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This HBO series about an actor and his entourage in Hollywood at first appeared to be one of those self-celebrating, trendy shows full of show biz inside jokes that the industry dabbles in occasionally. And then it started to draw huge ratings. In its second season, I was tickled to get a phone call asking me to do a guest star role as the number one Hollywood Military Advisor who is called on to train the lead actor for a role in “Aquaman.” Originally, they gave my character a fictitious name and then the decided it would be funnier if I just played myself. I showed up wearing a Warriors, Inc. t-shirt and was delighted to discover that I would be working with Kevin Conolly, one of the show’s stars who is a Warriors vet from the CBS pilot titled “Sam’’s Circus for which he underwent training as a WW II infantryman. I guess they liked what I did on “Entourage,” as they asked me back in season 7. For my part, I love the idea of parodying a business that takes itself way too seriously.

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