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Falling Skies

Jim Porter

Survivors of an alien attack on earth gather together to fight for their lives and fight back.

The last couple of times I was a recurring character on a TV series (Supercarrier, 1988 and Commander-in-Chief, 2005) the shows didn’t last long.  I was beginning to think of myself as a TV Jonah with no hope of doing much more on the small screen than the occasional guest-star appearance.  Then came an offer from Dreamworks TV to play Colonel Jim Porter on the TNT sci-fi series “Falling Skies.”  It was shooting the first season in Toronto, so I flew up to Canada thinking I was likely to sink this ship before it had a chance to really set sail.  That was until I met and worked with the series stars Noah Wyle and Will Patton.  Those two are solid veterans and their support along with female star Moon Bloodgood, did a lot to persuade me the show might go on past the initial summer replacement schedule in 2011.

We’re in season three and Porter is still showing up every once in a while to help human resistance fighters deal with a horde of alien invaders.  We’re shooting in Vancouver now and Porter has been promoted to Brigadier General. Earth still stands in jeopardy and things are getting more complicated as the story progresses but Porter still seems to command the respect and attention of the new American government in exile for his military background and tactical insights. Of course, the role is standard for me:  Officer Exposition where I show up in the first act to explain the jeopardy and then return in act three to congratulate everyone on a job well done.  Regardless, it’s fun to be on set with a good bunch of actors and directors and watch the story develop from the inside. I’m also getting a kick out of watching a talented bunch of younger actors experiment and polish their craft.

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