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Las Vegas

Gunnery Sergeant Richard “Burn” Cockburn

When an eye-opening $2.9 million irregularity is discovered in the casino’s auditing report, the ensuing investigation points to the late Monica Mancuso as the culprit. Meanwhile, Danny’s former marine sergeant is signed on as a security guard, but his hard-nosed style rubs people the wrong way. 

If anyone is type-cast in Hollywood, I guess I am, but there was an extra kick in getting the call to do a guest-starring turn as a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant in the NBC series “Las Vegas.” During the week prior, I got the chance to watch two of my many favorite military-themed films: Cinderella Liberty and Gardens of Stone. Both star James Caan and I’m a great admirer of his performances. He’s also one of the stars of “Las Vegas” and many of my scenes would put us together on stage. He’s a great guy and a real actor vet who entertained me with Hollywood stories during rehearsals for a big bar fight scene. I don’t fantasize much these days, but getting involved in a slug-fest in a country bar with Jimmy Caan at my back was a hoot. And working on a set where all the female extras prance around in scanty costumes wasn’t a bad deal either.

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